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I absolutely love this app... it’s great when we go places and leave the car. The app tell you exactly where the car was left!


It’s the absolute best app!!

Not updating

The app is not updating at all

My new XTS

This is by far one of the best Cadillacs I’ve owned and this is my 9th Cadillac. The ride and comfort is great , I once had a Mercedes Benz this car is much better. Great job Cadillac.

Anil Akbulut

Valet mode should have remote control as well

App is ok....

The app is’s slow and fails to activate your action a lot. For the most part it’s an ok app though.

Evaluation of this app.

Outstanding app, certainly the best available tool to manage and understand what going on with my car. One of my favorite features is the start you car function all from the app. If you live in a cold weather city, this is a must have function. By the time I reach my car, the inside is warm and ready for my departure. This is my first Cadillac, and it changed my attitude about driving. I’ve fallen back in love with driving because of this car. The app is just the icing on the cake I enjoy a slice of every time I use it.

Love my Cadillac CT6

The engineer Cadillac is the best !!!

Really useful

Reliable app. Mostly use for remote start. Flawless


I am enjoying every second of this car I had so many luxury cars before but this one is different I love you so much



Send to nav

Good app but the send address to in dash navigation should be available without the navigation package from onstar since all you’re doing is sending the text of the address and not actually using onstar to navigate.

OnStar app

Never saves password....always issues!


Will this work with a 2011 Escalade? And what do I need if so? Just an onstar membership?


Works perfectly.


XT5. Terrible Do not buy this car. $54,000 piece of junk!!!

Incredible App

Cadillac has provided owners with great access to our car. Love it.


Will like to thank my car sales man Carlos Alcaide for the excellent service and time for going above and beyond demonstrating all the features Cadillac has to offer

Need an better update

App lags ..,, Would be good if would let us control the climate when ur start your vehicle on hot conditions and during cold weather that would be great

Awesome app

Really nice that Family can download this also


A very convenient app, and enhances the ability to get information about my Cadillac.


Need to step it up to be a world class vehicle. BMW and Mercedes are better

Love it

Easy to use. Make life easier.

Cadillac app

It is so nice to have, especially when it is very hot outside and to be able to remote start the car. The app provides a lot of valuable information.

2017 Cadillac ATS - App

I generally like the way this app works. However, once it suddenly became non-responsive and Id and password had to be reset. Don’t know why; didn’t care for that. And past week the engine start failed to work and gave me a failure error message. But all of the other times, it has worked as it was intended.

Caddy app


Love it

All I can say is I LOVE my Cadillac and I LOVE THIS APP

Brookfield owner

Great yet!

Business owner

Excellent and I love it

Love It

It’s perfect....

Not working

App says it unlocked car but it did not. Ok- now it did. After 3 tries and 5 minutes.

Best car app

Cadillac app gives the most details in locks security, of the car tire pressure etc. a must get for a Cadillac owner! Location of the vehicle.. it’s just the best.

Big Disappointment

I barely use it because it takes too many steps to start the car. All the others we have used were simple and effective. Needs a lot of improvement.

Excellent app

Works great!

I love the system but a better plan.

It’s a great tool for your Car but price must be reduced or a better plans from al star

Nice but...

Would be great if we could set the temp and control windows from the app.


Stares and compliments and gasps! Oh my! Me and my Cadillac are admired daily! Love the smooth ride and back-up camera. Always ready for ANY occasion.


I love this app it is my second key

Faster open time

Faster open time

The best Cadillac ever CT6 Plantion

The DAVID Hughen


Does everything I need. And it works... 👍🏼


It is so nice to have everything about YOUR Cadillac at your fingertips!

Just stopped

App has been working fine. I get a notice that I need to long in with my new password. I never changed anything. I try and change it now I get message servers are down. What happened?

App keeps logging me out!

Ever since the last update the app keeps logging me out even know “keep me logged in” is checked. So frustrating


Re iPhone X: i have had one since December, works perfectly for me. But onto the review... Step 1) sell a $50’000 car with paid options for onstar enabling you to remotely manage said car. Step 2) sell advertising space on said app Don’t get me wrong, the app works (mostly very well). But I am severely disappointed that a luxury car maker has to sell advertising space on the app that sold the car to me!

Still no iPhone X support...

Update: as promised, a 5 star review after an update which finally supports the iPhone X. The phone has been out for 9 months but late is better than never. Update: yet another update which does not support the iPhone X. What a disappointment to say the least. As stated last time, the rating will go back up when the iPhone X and FaceID is supported fully. The iPhone X has been out for several months yet the app has still not been optimized for the new screen despite this. This rating will bump back up when the app is updated to support Apple’s flagship phones.

Needs additional functionality!

It provides diagnostic information however apps and functionality are what people really like. I have a 2017 Toyota Tundra and the app functionality for that radio is much better. It links pandora, IHeartRadio, and many other apps to your radio. This app needs an upgrade and overhaul. Check out ToyotaEntune apps

Locate my vehicle is not working

Locate my vehicle is not working after several attempts

Why even try?

This app is good for nothing. I use and it and never registers to do anything with my car. I push the start and the icon spins for 3 minutes before I just get in my car. The rest of the options are just as useless. I don’t understand what it is. I have stood directly beside the car to see if there was some kinda reception issue between the car and nothing. I tried on my Apple Watch and nothing. I literally have deleted and re downloaded this app to see if it was a problem with my app and nothing. Please fix this. I’m pretty upset that I can’t use one of the greatest features this car has.

Not so good

Looks great but doesn’t work. Not able to get diagnostics to work. All relies on onstar. Needs work take ridiculously long to load then nada zip zero

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