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App keeps logging me out!

Ever since the last update the app keeps logging me out even know “keep me logged in” is checked. So frustrating


Re iPhone X: i have had one since December, works perfectly for me. But onto the review... Step 1) sell a $50’000 car with paid options for onstar enabling you to remotely manage said car. Step 2) sell advertising space on said app Don’t get me wrong, the app works (mostly very well). But I am severely disappointed that a luxury car maker has to sell advertising space on the app that sold the car to me!

Still no iPhone X support...

Update: as promised, a 5 star review after an update which finally supports the iPhone X. The phone has been out for 9 months but late is better than never. Update: yet another update which does not support the iPhone X. What a disappointment to say the least. As stated last time, the rating will go back up when the iPhone X and FaceID is supported fully. The iPhone X has been out for several months yet the app has still not been optimized for the new screen despite this. This rating will bump back up when the app is updated to support Apple’s flagship phones.

Needs additional functionality!

It provides diagnostic information however apps and functionality are what people really like. I have a 2017 Toyota Tundra and the app functionality for that radio is much better. It links pandora, IHeartRadio, and many other apps to your radio. This app needs an upgrade and overhaul. Check out ToyotaEntune apps

Locate my vehicle is not working

Locate my vehicle is not working after several attempts

Why even try?

This app is good for nothing. I use and it and never registers to do anything with my car. I push the start and the icon spins for 3 minutes before I just get in my car. The rest of the options are just as useless. I don’t understand what it is. I have stood directly beside the car to see if there was some kinda reception issue between the car and nothing. I tried on my Apple Watch and nothing. I literally have deleted and re downloaded this app to see if it was a problem with my app and nothing. Please fix this. I’m pretty upset that I can’t use one of the greatest features this car has.

Not so good

Looks great but doesn’t work. Not able to get diagnostics to work. All relies on onstar. Needs work take ridiculously long to load then nada zip zero

First time using the app

This is my first time using the app after the Onstar app merged into myCadillac. Yea is been a while! I was tryin to figure out why I’m not getting email updates from Onstar monthly and it turns out, I had to set it up again due to changes after the merge. Oh well, it’s fixed now. The app features are convenience when I need them. The integration with dealership service is a request I put in a survey years ago so it’s nice to see it’s actually a real thing. It would be nice if the app can support a maintenance history. I can’t always recall dates but I can recall the service I’ve had done. I’d also like for the app to be more dynamic and smart. Like, my cabin filter was replaced in May 2016 with this many miles. The system recognized per an Onstar ping, that my mileage is as this number and therefore, I get an alert that it is recommended that I replace the cabin filter when I hit this number of miles. There’s so much potential if they can hire some systems engineers to integrate existing systems to each other to think better and work smarter. No other car company I know of offers this. App wise, one oddity to report is with TouchID. I have enabled the touchID functionality which looks to be an Onstar function as I had to enter my pin. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. I am logged in and kill the app and reload and I am logged back in without being asked for my touchID. So, I go to account settings and logout. Then I reopen the app and nope, no TouchID prompt here either. I have to sign in with my credentials. I don’t know how to get it to work.

Cadillac view

Great app, works almost anywhere. Only downside it doesn’t support facial recognition.

Terrible update

I was completely satisfied with the My Cadillac app. but was forced into getting an update. It took me three re-creations of my password and username before I finally was able to find navigation and vehicle restart. Total annoyance for no apparent reason at all. This is typical of my experience Cadillac: beautifully engineer vehicles with second rate service.

Great application

Great application, but please update for the iPhone X

No Face ID support

This app was very useful. Especially with remote controls. Once I upgraded my phone to an iPhone X though it went down to worthless I loved how I was able to use Touch ID and it was fast and intuitive. They have not updated to support Face ID and typing my pin may be a lazy complaint but when they showed the ability to make it easier and then not support the new generation of phones ya frustrating

Not impressed

Well to start, I can’t seem to do much of anything with this app without errors popping up. When it does work, it appears to be just a sales tool for the dealerships, either trying to sell you service or a new Cadillac. The vehicle location is just a GPS marker. I can name 5 other apps that work that can do that...

Add iPhone X support please!

Love the app for remote functions etc works as it should. Would love it more if it filled the whole screen on my phone like it should. Thanks!!!

Locate vehicle option worthless

This used to be a great App but with the new update the locate vehicle option is worthless. Very small map image and very hard to see for older eyes. Why can’t you make the map full screen or at least zoom able. Highly disappointing for a “luxury vehicle”. Having second thoughts about purchasing a new XT5.


Is it this app or is it my brand new Cadillac XT5? This application has been highly unreliable. I have gone the entire winter now with failed remote starting messages from this application 90% of the time! Called OnStar and spoke to technical support to no avail. I really don't have the time to spend 40 min on a call debugging a problem and reinstalling/ restarting the application to try to get it to work. In its current unreliable state this application / service is near worthless. Not the experience that I expected from Cadillac.

Add Share-to from Apple and Google Maps!

Good app, but unfortunately the navigation function is near-useless without being able to “Send-To” from Apple or Google maps. Please enable the myCadillac app to support “Share” from Apple and Google maps!

OS Problem

Since updating the latest OS my remote start has completely disappeared. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, etc. still not there. 🤔

Not happy with app or onstar response

Numerous times have called via phone or onstar button re MyCadillac app or onstar app without satisfaction. Both will not engage app usage. Both will not update when refreshed and useless.

Awesome app

[Update!!!] The app is amazing. I pull out my Apple Watch and can start my car from anywhere. Now that the technology has changed (LTE Apple Watch and even WiFi mode on non cellular models) you guys just need to update the app to work without the phone and just the watch. Keep up the good work. [Original post] I traded my 09 CTS for a 13 ATS just so I could use this app and remote start from my phone. The only thing missing is Apple Watch support. Developers make this app work for Apple Watch please. I want to unlock and start my car without pulling out my phone.

One good feature disappeared

Remote control function is gone with latest update. I don’t need an electronic manual, or something to track my parked car, or any of the other useless parts of app. The remote keyless was the only reason to use app... please bring it back.

When it works...

WHEN the app works, it’s nice. However, many times lately I get a “can’t connect to internet” error (even though I am clearly connected). Very frustrating!!

Watch app not working since 3.10.0 update

Tried reinstalling app and rebooting watch. Worked once after a reboot but then no more. Just get a red phone outline with line through it (won't connect to phone). Liked it when it worked. Fix and I'll update the rating.

More Trouble that It’s worth

I’ve had nothing but trouble trying to use this app. I have so much trouble logging in that I am at my car by the time I do. The system fails all the time. Very frustrating.


With the most recent update noticed the app no longer work with Apple Watch

iPhone X Capatibility

Please update this app to be fully compatible with the iPhone X as well as FaceID. I think the app is great but couldn't give it the rating I thought it deserved since it's lacks full compatibility with my device.

How about some 2010 love?

I got redirected to this app from google only to find out the app does nothing for my 10 CTS. I just sold my 2001 STS with 230k miles- yes she still runs. Giving the longevity of these cars my 10 is still new. So why kick me to the curb?😢 If it’s a software/hardware thing then let me know. That’s an easy fix. Update: contacting GM and Onstar got me nowhere. I’m willing to pay for Onstar service if you guys tell me how to upgrade my system.

What happened to send to in dash navigation?

I’ve had the basic plan and always was able to use send to in dash navigation now they say I need a subscription. It’s in black and white on onstar’s web page that send to in dash nav is supported under basic. What’s happening? Per onstar website is the following “OnStar Help & Support > Basic Plan Services Included The OnStar Basic Plan includes the following services (services may vary based on vehicle make, model and equipment): Select features of your vehicle's mobile app: Remotely start your vehicle (if factory installed), send a destination to your in-vehicle navigation screen, and lock or unlock your doors — all from your smartphone. Not just near your vehicle – but anywhere you have a wireless connection.” We have lost the ability to send to in dash navigation- please fix this.


Since the last update I cannot get my remote start to work. Not happy especially since the weather has turned cold.

Please optimize for iPhone X

I’m sure this is in an upcoming update but please optimize for iPhone X and enable Face ID in place of Touch ID. Otherwise, a great app!


This app has been nothing but a problem since I downloaded in March 2017 per my salesman’s suggestion with my XT5 purchase. As of today, I still am unable to use it. It constantly times out, crashes, even says my vin # isn't what it is (no typos putting it in). So sick of it being riddled with issues to the point it is useless to me and won’t let me complete an account set-up or even access it when using the skip log-in button. Not worth one star! Deleting this app!

THANK YOU - Bring back LOCATE VEHICLE!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU!!!! I truly appreciate that you listened to our feedback about this function. Thank you for bringing back this to our app. I hope others appreciate your diligence in working to make the app great for us. It’s easy to complain about things and it spreads like crazy. I wanted to also REJOICE and say THANK YOU and hope that spreads just as rapidly. The following HAS been corrected and was my original post - Please get RID of set location!!!!!!!! It does nothing!!!!!!!!! Bring back LOCATE VEHICLE!!!!!! SET LOCATION has killed the app. Please bring back LOCATE VEHICLE as in find it where ever it is like other apps. This “update” does nothing.

Parked location removed

Went from a good app to one that's become just not very good. I would have expected more from Cadillac. Why the change?

Why take away the best feature?

Why replace the locate vehicle with set location? That’s completely useless.

They just made this App useless!!!!

Why would you take one of the best features of the app, Locate Vehicle, and replace it with a totally useless function, Set Location???? Everyone says that it is the location of your phone, But somehow mine has been the same location for 3 days and I was never near there!!! Swallow your pride and bring back the Locate Vehicle function. Or else no one should get this app until they do.

Parked Location

Parked location is not working with the new update! It gives me the location of my phone. Very frustrating since I have two vehicles and travel a lot. Parked location helps me know where my daughter is when I’m not around.

Why was the vehicle location feature removed?

I loved having the ability to set the actual location of my vehicle under “Parked Location”. By using this I could check on my car and see where it was at any given time. With this update, selecting “Set Location” sets the location of my phone... which is useless. Please put it back!

Very Cool

Love the Apple Watch feature. Just raise my wrist, select lock or start and keep walking.

Watch app after OS4 is awful

This app used to be solid with iPhone and Apple Watch but since the latest updates iOS 11 and watch OS4 it’s been pretty bad. Hopefully updates are on the way to resolve this. I’ll give it 5 stars if it works the way it used to.

Half Time!

Half time because it doesn't work a majority of the time. Very seldom does the app remember my password so it has to be reset often (which is a problem because it doesn't work right). This app needs considerable improvement and much patience!

Nice to get new features!

Very nice update to the app. I'm really excited to have basic Apple Watch functionality and Touch ID support. I'd still like to be able to check the charge status and range on my Watch, and be able to "Charge Now" from my wrist since there's no button for that on the ELR fob. I'm also hoping the app will bring the OnStar Remote Link app feature that shows how many gallons of gas are in the tank. I'd also prefer to get true push message alerts instead of text messages. Thanks for the nice update!

Apple Watch and Touch ID!!!

I'm so excited! Thank you! I love my car and this app!!

Nicely Done!

Yes! Touch ID!

Works great but....

First of all let me say I love this app. The only thing that would make this app better is if it was available for the Apple Watch as well.

Very nice app

I had Onstar before for my Chevrolet Silverado. This app is very similar with the remote start, diagnostics and other features. I use the remote start wherever I'm at and when it's hot or cold outside the heat or air conditioner will be on when I get to my Cadillac.


This app is so nice to have! My only suggestion would be make it compatible with the Apple Watch so we can use the fob from there, that way we don't have to pull out our phone if we want to use the fob.

Great App!!

Works awesome & glad to have it!! Saved me one time when needed to unlock my 2013 Escalade Premium when I needed something out of my truck when my keys weren't around. Anyone that has a Cadillac NEEDS to have this app!!👍🏻👍🏻❗️

Not what you would expect from Cadillac

I have tried using this app several time and only get as far as the screen showing the Cadillac logo. Have deleted it and reinstalled several times. This is my first Cadillac and expect much more. Have owned 5 Buick'S and they have a similar app that works great. So Cadillac get your act together and fix the app or get ride of it.

Most things good

But none of the videos have sound.

Love the app, but missing Touch ID

I would love to see Touch ID implemented as a security requirement to get into the app (at least as an option). Along those same lines, would like to see Touch ID used to start the car remotely instead of a PIN.

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